Mercantile Underwriting

The Mercantile Underwriting Firm is a commercial entity of the Monseigneur of Zabid and serves as the exclusive underwriter for the Yemeni National Petroleum Corporation of the NEAY administration.


As an authorized representative of the Lord Zabid, the TPPE Global is permitted to directly offer various risk underwriting services, with unrestricted financial guarantees, to its clients under international law. Through the spirit of the Royal Yemeni Ventures Act, the Senate (NEAY) of the Republic of Yemen has allocated $720 million to be under the management of the Mercantile Underwriting Firm.


These services are secured by the sovereignty of the Monseigneur of Zabid and offered, by selected representatives (such as Nour World in Europe), to selected clients (both commercial and non-commercial) around the globe.


Interested clients are encouraged to contact us, with their proposition, for more information and further details.


The Lord Zabid’s Earldom has, by custom, been merged into the Firm.